Jesse James arrives for the Vanity Fair Oscar party in...

Jesse James arrives for the Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood, Calif. (March 7, 2010) Credit: AP

Jesse James won a legal victory yesterday over his ex-wife, former adult-film star Janine Lindemulder, when a California family court ruled James could move to Austin, Texas, with the couple's daughter, Sunny, 6.

James testified that he planned the move for business purposes, but has said in interviews that he wants his children to maintain a close relationship with his third ex-wife, Oscar-winner Sandra Bullock.

Lindemulder, 41, broke down in tears upon hearing the verdict, screaming, "I'll move! I'll move!" Earlier in the hearing, she had said she would "live in a tent to be beside Sunny."

Commissioner Thomas Schulte ruled that James, also 41, and Lindemulder - who has fought drug addiction and has spent time in prison - will have joint legal custody, but that James will have physical custody. Schulte granted Lindemulder at least one weekend a month with Sunny in California, plus most holidays.

While he also allowed Lindemulder to keep Sunny until school starts in Texas next month, the distraught mother told afterward, "I can't do that. For me to take her through the summer would create a bond and it would make matters worse."

Lindemulder also told E! News, "I don't think Sandra's trying to steal [Sunny]. I would just like a little more communication mom to mom; that would be nice. Keep me in the loop."

James did not speak to reporters or photographers after the verdict.

In a legal doubleheader, a jury hours later ruled that James owed only $167,607.75 to the Vernon, Calif., clothing company Fortune Fashions Industries, rather than the $6 million the company had sought after alleging James reneged on an agreement to create a workwear line with FFI.

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