According to E News, Demi Lovato was targeted by the...

According to E News, Demi Lovato was targeted by the Hollywood hacker. Credit: Getty Images

Demi Lovato opens up about her continued struggles with self-mutilation and an eating disorder on “Stay Strong,” a documentary airing tonight on MTV. In the doc, she says that despite going to rehab for these issues, facing her demons is a constant battle.

Lovato entered into treatment in October 2010 for bulimia and self-cutting, but even after getting help, said that "this is a daily battle that I will face for the rest of my life."

To make her point, the 19-year old Disney star candidly admitted that “I cannot tell you that I have not thrown up since treatment. I cannot tell you that I have not cut myself since treatment. I'm not perfect."

While she is focusing on staying on track, Lovato noted that she finds solace in music and her fans. "Every time someone asks me for a picture or an autograph, even if I'm having a bad day and I'm in a bad mood, I remember, 'You're nothing without this person,'" she said. "They make it special."

The MTV special will include Lovato’s performance of her new single “Skyscraper,” a song that reflects the singer’s ups and downs over the past few years.

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