Wyandanch is on the rise. The village is undergoing a face-lift, and part of its revitalization is the addition of a free summer concert series called “Village Vibes,” running in The Plaza at Wyandanch Village weekly on Fridays or Saturdays through Aug. 26. The series is being presented by the Long Island Music Hall of Fame, which will make Wyandanch its permanent home in 2018.

“We strived for a diverse roster of musicians offering different types of music,” says Joe Jankowski, the hall’s executive director. “We want people from surrounding areas to see what’s going on in Wyandanch.”

Here’s a rundown of who will be performing — shows are at 6 p.m. unless noted:


The series kicks off with one of Wyandanch’s rising stars — rapper King Myers, who will deliver songs like “Change” and his new single, “King of AmeriKKKa.”

“Wyandanch’s diversity is our strength. It helps me reach a wide base and gives me more to write about,” says Myers, aka Da’Shawn Ellis-Harvey, 21. “I’m excited to perform outside. People have more energy because they have the space to move around, which changes the vibe.”

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The improvising pianist blends his original tunes with atypical versions of American standards and jazzed-up renditions of pop songs.

“Improvisational performing is like surfing a wave and staying on it for a long time,” says Ambrosini, 57, of Huntington. “I play whatever is in front of me and use every nerve ending in my body to try and respond to it in live time.”


The lead singer-guitarist of Zebra is the sole member of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in the series. He’ll perform an acoustic set of classic rock with a little help from his fans.

“I feel out the crowd, and they dictate where I go,” says Jackson, 61, of South Setauket. “I encourage people to call out what they want to hear.”

Jackson will mix Zebra classics (“Who’s Behind the Door,” “Tell Me What You Want”) with covers of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Elton John and the Moody Blues.


Inspired by Teddy Pendergrass, Freddie Jackson and the Gap Band, Latitude will deliver a blend of R&B covers and originals (“I Believe in You,” “You Gotta Get It”).

“It’s a classic R&B show with real funk appeal,” says lead singer-guitarist Keith Jackson, 60, of Wyandanch. “I’m not new to this. Through the years, I’ve opened for James Brown, the Platters, the Four Tops, the Manhattans and La Toya Jackson.”

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Once part of the ’90s jam band scene with From Good Homes, Rymer turned to children’s music after he settled down and had a family of his own.

“I want to pass on the passion of music to kids,” says Rymer, 51, of Southold. “We offer music that the whole family can enjoy. We do some running, dancing, hootin’ and hollerin’. Sometimes kids even get onstage.”

Rymer will perform during the Wyandanch Plaza Arts Fair, which also will feature dance companies, cultural workshops and a variety of food trucks.


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Bell made it as a top 24 contender on season 10 of “American Idol” with his brand of pop soul on original songs like “Never Enough” and his new single, “Rainbows (Starting Over).”

“I do a little something for everyone, from the Spinners’ ‘It’s a Shame’ to Justin Bieber’s ‘Sorry,’ ” says Bell, 33, of Manhattan’s Washington Heights. “I always make my audience part of the show. When I perform live, I like to break that fourth wall right out of the gate.”