Holbrook's Al Calderon auditions for "The X Factor" at Nassau...

Holbrook's Al Calderon auditions for "The X Factor" at Nassau Coliseum. Credit: Fox

Holbrook’s Al Calderon was eliminated from “The X Factor” in one of the craziest decisions in the show’s history.

Calderon kicked off the evening with a smart, though initially shaky, EDM/R&B version of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe.”

Reaction was mixed. “You had a really, really great energy,” judge Demi Lovato said, before adding, “There were times when it was a little pitchy.”

Simon Cowell put it all in perspective. “You’re not the best singer in this competition, but what you do have is great charisma, fantastic energy,” Cowell said. “I think we could make you into a much, much better singer.”

Calderon got chosen for mentor Paulina Rubio’s Final Four and made it past seven of the other nine competitors. After 13-year-old Timmy Thames performed, Rubio gave Timmy a spot in the Final Four, cutting Tim Olstad.

However, after the crowd (and judge Kelly Rowland) start screaming their disapproval at Olstad’s elimination, Rubio changes her mind and brings Olstad back.

“I’m so sorry for all this,” Rubio says. “It is not easy.”

She then cuts Calderon to make room for Olstad.

Then, after the final singer, Josh Levi, performs, she cuts Thames and gives Levi the final spot, making her Final Four: Josh Levi, Tim Olstad, Carlito Olivero and Carlos Guevara.

“It’s such stress,” Rubio said. “I burned like 1,000 calories.”

Calderon’s elimination makes Emery Kelly, placed in one of the groups created by the judges, the last Long Islander standing in the competition, with his performance set for Thursday night’s show.

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