James Gammon, a versatile character actor whose gravelly voice and...

James Gammon, a versatile character actor whose gravelly voice and craggy face made indelible memories in Sam Shepard plays and a spate of TV westerns and films, died July 16, 2010, in Costa Mesa, Calif., at the age of 70. Newsday's obituary for James Gammon
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I don't know if Jesus Christ can or cannot hit a curveball, but I do know what I think of the clause in Roger Dorn's contract that says he doesn't have to do any calisthenics or exercises he deems unnecessary.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, I suggest you run along now. Or, stay and learn something. Those are two references from the dialogue of "Major League," the 1980s baseball movie about the Cleveland Indians and the awfulness. Some called it a comedy, some called it a documentary.

Either way, it gave us Lou Brown, the team's manager played by James Gammon. Lou Brown should be on everyone's list of movie characters we wanted to see more of.

Gammon passed away over the weekend, and Old School Tuesday offers one more tribute to the man who gave us so many delightful quotes, none of which are reprintable here. But, alas, over here, you can listen to quite a few Lou Brown-isms.

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