A scene from "Pretty Little Liars" third season episode "Kingdom...

A scene from "Pretty Little Liars" third season episode "Kingdom of the Blind." Credit: ABC FAMILY

Ah, and what a kingdom it is. The more this season progresses, the more we can see just how far Jenna's, I mean A's, reign is reaching. More enlightening than blinding if you ask me.

First off, a few oh-em-gee moments that need to be touched on...

Lucas is becoming more of a presence in the season, and NOT in a good way. His brooding, emo scruffiness really isn't a look I prefer seeing on him.

What happened to the little oblivious dork that was so happy in life? How did A manage to get to and corrupt him?

Moreover, he makes a few creepy, foreboding comments: one about icebergs flipping and bringing all of the dirt out from beneath them (an obvious reference to the PLLs and all that remains to be revealed about them and Alison). He also tells Hanna, “It's better for a lot of people if Mona stays crazy, right?”

I don't know about this – Mona definitely needs to have her day in court, especially if she is the one that mowed down Hanna with her car. It's just safe to assume that if and when any trial does come against her a lot will be put out into the open, and most of it will likely be about the Liars.

Melissa, who had been absent from this season thus far, makes her return sans baby, and somehow I'm not surprised. Her pregnancy always seemed to be a bit mysterious if you ask me – I wouldn't be surprised to find out that she was never preggo to begin with. To top it all off, she's drinking, and apparently A LOT.

What is more worth mentioning is that it seems as though mama Hastings knew about this. And while the Liars may think that Mrs. Hastings is representing Garrett because he may have been the father of her future grandchild, it seems quite possible that it's because he knows Melissa was never pregnant to begin with.

Curious, very curious, indeed.

Jenna's secret finally being ripped out into the open is something of a relief, though it doesn't really seem the Liars did anything of consequence with their temporary advantage over her – or is it better that she knows they know? More manipulation power? We shall see.

She seems to think that someone is still targeting her so therefore staying “blind” is imperative, and what's this? Jenna tries to plead to the Liars' human sides? One can only hope that they'll see right through that. What was she doing at a gun store anyway, and how was THAT not at least part of the confrontation?!

As confused as ever we head to my all-favorite “A-scene” where our lovely little felon has more of Ali's teeth pulled, ready to make into some new jewelry for the Liars. He/she/it (ha) is drinking to boot, (a possible link back to Melissa's bad habit – is she the A ringleader after all?). As the bottle of alcohol is returned to its cooler we see that along with keeping A's drinks on ice, the ice is also chilling Ali's body (or the body bag at least).

Hm, what to make of all of this? As usual, only time will tell. 

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