Series Ron Ely took a different tack in NBC's 1966 adventure hour. He plays an educated, articulate hero who simply prefers running around the jungle in a (very) skimpy loincloth. Ely makes it work with help from lush Latin American filming locations, which is why his kid sidekick sounds Mexican. Deep guest roster includes Woody Strode, James Earl Jones, Nichelle Nichols, Julie Harris, Yaphet Kotto and Sally Kellerman.

Extras None.

List price Season 1 is manufactured on demand in Vol. 1 (15 episodes) and Vol. 2 (16 episodes), $40 each for four discs each, direct from WarnerArchive.com or Amazon.com.

Also out today

SOUTH PARK: SEASON 15 Includes "6 Days to Air" making-of special;

$50 DVD / $60 Blu-ray, Comedy Central.

EUREKA 4.5 Includes holiday episode, "Warehouse 13" crossover, as final Syfy episodes start April 16; $30, Universal.

Hard-to-find cult faves

THE TRIBE Kids rebuild society after a virus wipes out adults in sharp New Zealand drama; $30, Shout.

TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL Out-there horror comedy from Canada pits high school geek against guess what; $20, eOne.

THE GUILD: SEASON 5 Role-playing gamers go conventioning in the webcom starring creator Felicia Day; $15, Flatiron.

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