Aaron Kelly up first on "American Idol," with Harry Connick Jr. mentoring -- and playing the piano and doing the arrangements -- as they sing Frank Sinatra.

He mockingly complains about the extra work; "you think Shania Twain was up here doing this?!" Nancy and Tina Sinatra are in the audience, they bring Simon one of Frank's hankerchiefs, he's a big fan and seems genuinely surprised.

Hmmm, Connick really seems to be working with the contestants; is intense, says of Aaron he "wishes him the best."

Singing "Fly Me to the Moon," a nice, emphatic start, but the song's too big for his thin voice. He looks even younger tying to dress up in a dress vest, shirt, tie and pants. Good passion and he's a trier, but really, he should've left last week.

Randy says "really good job," Ellen thought he pulled it off, Kara says not as strong as last week, and give us some more charisma. Simon says Sinatra was cool, had swagger; "if he was a lion, you were just a mouse." 

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