Clothes don’t necessarily make the Idol.  This, underscored by the indie girls on last night’s show who weren’t wearing the haute stuff but who, overall, were the hot stuff.

Lilly Scott rocked “Fixing a Hole,” in a green sundress, feather earrings and Oxford high heels.  Crystal Bowersox, well who knows what she was wearing, and truth told, who cares?  She is fabulous.   Siobhan Magnus, who may just be the one to watch, was wearing a black tunic, and maybe Birkenstocks…or something like them, with a flower in her hair.  Um, not exactly diva material but dang, can that girl sing.

If there was one clothing curse, well, it could have been the jeggings – that jeans and leggings combo.   Two girls who looked good, but sounded bad wore them. Ashley Rodriguez was fashion plate in hers with metallic jacket and matching shoes, but, sadly, sort of bombed with “Happy.”  Likewise, Janell Wheeler, who is a beautiful girl, did the jegging thing topped by a purple asymmetrical top.  She too, faired poorly.

I have to agree with Kara DioGuardi’s comment on Katelyn Epperly’s makeover – not good, even though Randy Jackson liked it.  Such a gorgeous natural girl, she erased her individuality with the artificial red-lips and feather headdress – night and day, day being better.

And so sorry to say it, but sweet Haeley Vaughn, was seriously misguided in the fashion department with her nurse-meets-Bo-Peep ensemble.  Eesh, not good for such a cutie.  Then again, her young competitor, Katie Stevens, played it way safe in a junior prom dress.

Bombshell babe of the night could well have been Michelle Delamor – the skinny jeans, the bustle-backed jacket, soft hair, stunning features.   Even Simon Cowell noted her beauty though her song wasn’t the very best.

Lacey Brown, too, is an interesting eyeful and looked lovely in a vintage floral dress, but put on a disastrous performance.

As for wardrobe malfunction of the night?

Poor Paige Miles said she was sewn into her lacy romper and had to wait five hours to use the bathroom.  Guessing she’s “All Right Now.” 

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