Adam Lambert, Brooke White and Justin Gaston are performing as "American Idol" cuts two contestants tonight. They start with the usual medley to Elvis; seems a bit tepid to me. I don't know, Glee! has set the bar high here. This just isn't very good.

Contestants seem to be having a lot of fun though. "Teddy Bear" is particularly well done. Other numbers are just cheesy and almost laughable. Again -- contemporary, young is all Simon and Kara preach, so then why are they singing songs from half-a-century ago?

This is getting worse the longer it goes on, muddy and just boring.The King was so much a force of nature, splitting him up among nine amateurs just doesn't work.

The commercial for Hyundai or whatever takes no advantage whatsover of their talents, they're just standing in the streets planting and watering trees.

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