Crystal Bowersox singing "Summer Wind" on "American Idol" as they randomly show Anthony Hopkins in the audience, she tells Harry Connick Jr. there are some personal reasons for it. I think it's a great choice, really like the song, looking forward to this.

Classic, elegant start in her long black gown, voice just floats out there. She's not totally at ease oddly, shorting the lines a little, like she's out of breath. Hmm, this wasn't nearly as good as I thought it'd be; no flow, no richness, really thin.

Randy says, as she looks sick, "one of your more subdued performances," a "little sleepy." Ellen says it felt like you were swallowing every word at first, wanted more snap. Kara says she "kindof liked it," like her phrasing, which I totally disagree with.

Simon says not a great choice, "little bit indulgent," another "okay" week, you've gotta step up your game to try and win, not singing for yourself.

She's combative as always, misses the point of the criticism and tells Ryan she didn't wanna sing big all the time. Crystal's blowing it -- it's like she thinks she's too good to try and win us over, keeps doing her own thing, shows no growth.

Or maybe she's just scared to really go for it, and possibly lose.

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