Talk show host Dave Letterman prepares to kiss his longtime...

Talk show host Dave Letterman prepares to kiss his longtime friend Regis Philbin during an appearance on "Live! With Regis and Kelly." (Nov. 16, 2011) Credit: AP

Regis Philbin -- the King -- interviews David Letterman Tuesday night on CNN, as he steps in for Piers Morgan on an apparently one-night-only basis.

This is quite a big deal, as Dave rarely EVER consents to interviews, and probably only agreed to this one because old pal Reege was doing the asking.

Based on a few clips -- see below -- Dave talks about plenty: his Nine Eleven show, guests, even his family life. Hard to tell from this how much Letterman reveals of himself or his life, or how tough Reege's questions are (though from this, they appear to be slightly softer than a down pillow).

But here's a bit of news: Dave says "I'm a registered independent." Don't think I've heard this before. He also says Brian Williams "can have my job...He can have my job..."

 A few clips...



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