Ellen Degeneres, a fashion diva?

All the world seems to be reverberating with news that  the newbie Idol judge is demanding a clothing allowance of $150,000 per season of the show.

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A heck of a lot of dough for a wardrobe that is more like Simon Cowell's than Kara DioGuardi's and consists primarily of jackets, tops and jeans of the man-tailored variety, though sources have pointed out that the talk show host thinks it’s only fair because reportedly Paula Abdul had a mighty budget for glam.

That said it’s hard to figure where the money will go – it's not the shoes -- Ellen wore a pair of Clark's desert boots on the show which retail for $90 (1,000 pairs and she'd still have change).  There seems to be an absence of any bling at all (Paula was the queen of all that sparkles), and while a perfectly tailored jacket can be pricey – well, that kind of budget can haul in a lot of serious threads.

MORE: American Idol: Fashion isn't all that

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Photo credit: Ellen DeGeneres by Associated Press.

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