From season 3 of the FOX series GLEE, Lea Michele...

From season 3 of the FOX series GLEE, Lea Michele and Cory Monteith star in "The Purple Piano Project," the season premiere episode of "Glee." Credit: FOX

NBC announced a comedy-stuffed lineup Sunday, and Fox followed suit yesterday with a four-comedy block on Tuesdays, the first time in nearly a decade four nonanimated sitcoms have landed on one night here. Reason? Simple. They have good "flow," -- people are more likely to stay and watch through the night rather than record and watch later -- Fox Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly told reporters yesterday.

"Glee" moves to Thursdays, where it should be the beneficiary of some flow itself -- from "The X Factor." Fox, meanwhile, also announced Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson will have arcs in the fourth season of "Glee," adopting a show-within-a-show format as Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Rachel (Lea Michele) head to New York.

Here's the lineup:

MONDAY "Bones" (8 p.m.); "The Mob Doctor" (9), with Jordana Spiro ("My Boys") as a Chicago doc who works in a hospital by day, and takes care of medical emergencies -- for the mob -- after hours. For midseason (probably January) is the Kevin Bacon-starring thriller, "The Following," about serial killers and a leader who, so to speak, unionizes them.

TUESDAY "Raising Hope" (8); "Ben and Kate" (8:30), in which older, but far more immature brother Ben (Nat Faxon) moves in with sister Kate (Dakota Johnson), a single mom trying to get her life together; "New Girl" (9); "The Mindy Project" (9:30), with Mindy Kaling ("The Office") as a doctor with a good career who's made some dumb moves in her personal life. Meanwhile, another comedy, "The Goodwin Games," joins midseason, starring Scott Foley and Becki Newton as siblings who could inherit a fortune if they play by their father's from-the-grave rules.

WEDNESDAY "The X Factor" (8) ("American Idol" in January).

THURSDAY "X Factor" results (8); "Glee" (9).

FRIDAY "Touch" (8); "Fringe" (9).

SATURDAY "Fox Sports Saturday" (8) means Fox Entertainment gives up the night to sports programming. ("Cops" will return later in the season.)

SUNDAY "The Cleveland Show" after the NFL season wraps (7:30); "The Simpsons" (8); "Bob's Burgers" (8:30); "Family Guy" (9); "American Dad" (9:30).

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