JFK: ONE DAY IN AMERICA (Disney+, Hulu) Like NatGeo's acclaimed "9/11: One Day in America," this three-parter reconstructs the long-ago day through the memories of those who experienced it. Here it's Secret Service agents Clint Hill and Paul Landis; Peggy Simpson, an AP reporter; Dallas police officer Rusty Robbins; Ruth Paine, who was with Lee Harvey Oswald's wife, Marina, during the shooting; and many others.

JFK: WHAT THE DOCTORS SAW (Paramount+) Several doctors and residents, who were in Parkland Hospital's trauma room 60 years ago, are interviewed here for the first time (per Paramount) and they directly contradict the Warren Commission's finding. Each says they believe to this day that Kennedy's neck wound and fatal head wound came from bullets shot from in front of the limousine, and not from the Texas School Book Depository. 

KENNEDY (History Channel, Concludes Sunday and Monday at 8 p.m.) This eight-part series is TV's full-on JFK experience of the 60th anniversary, with interviews from prominent historians, JFK aides, family members and other politicians. Not much new here, but what's excellent is the sheer spread of his life story told particularly well. Peter Coyote of Ken Burns fame narrates.

JFK REVISITED: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS (Showtime) "JFK Revisited: Down the Rabbit Hole" might be a better name, because director Oliver Stone again takes viewers to some places he's been before, and we have to. This special, which first streamed in 2021, is based on "Destiny Betrayed: JFK, Cuba, and the Garrison Case," by James DiEugenio. It assembles witnesses and experts who once against cast doubt on "the single bullet theory" — the Warren Commission's so-called "magic bullet" that was presumed to have hit JFK and Texas Gov. John Connally in multiple places; and this also raises significant questions about its "chain of custody" for evidence in the case.

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