Long Island native Kevin James, left, will play golfer John Daly in an...

Long Island native Kevin James, left, will play golfer John Daly in an upcoming miniseries produced by the actor-comedian's brother. Credit: Getty Images for SiriusXM / Cindy Ord; Getty Images / Mike Mulholland

Two brothers who grew up in Stony Brook are set to do a TV miniseries together: Comedy star Kevin James and actor-comedian Gary Valentine, in his first producing gig with his sibling.

Valentine, who like his brother got his start at the now-defunct East Side Comedy Club in Huntington, will be an executive producer in a planned biographical drama about the eclectic golf champion John Daly — a self-taught everyman who has “battled alcohol and had a tough childhood upbringing and has four ex-wives, and one of them went to prison,” says Valentine, 62, by phone from his Long Island home.

Valentine had developed the project, now in its early stages, under the major Australian entertainment company Village Roadshow, “since John is a friend of mine and feels comfortable enough with me that he trusts I'll do the right thing. I really want to make him look good in this — and we have to show the dark side — we've got to tell the whole story, but he's just a good guy.”

Daly, 58, described by Golf Monthly magazine as “one of the most eccentric and popular players to ever play the game,” went pro in 1987. Four years later, as a ninth reserve player on the 1991 PGA Championship, he came from out of nowhere to win that tournament. Living up to his nickname, “Wild Thing,” he has swung between championships and down years, including suspensions and fines.

“We've known each other for about 17, 18 years,” says Valentine, an 11-handicap golfer who favors the Huntington Crescent Club and Huntington Country Club. He and Daly, after playing many charity events, would “just go hang out and we got to be friendly.”

James “was always our first choice,” says fellow executive producer Rory Rosegarten, 62, of Manhasset, who manages Valentine, Ray Romano and other comedy stars including Brian Regan and Tom Green. “First, it's Gary's brother. Two, he's a great actor. Three, he's a great golfer. And four, he looks like John Daly and loves John Daly. It was an old shoe that fit perfectly.”

“He's the same size as John,” said Valentine, who like his younger brother, James, graduated from Ward Melville High School in East Setauket and uses a stage name rather than their birth name, Knipfing. “I'm not just saying from a heavy standpoint — his whole build is exactly like John's. And Kevin's athletic enough to mimic John's swing. We will have to work on it, obviously — John's got a particular swing with a very, very big backswing. But it all just kind of lined up.”

James’ representative had no comment, citing the early stages of the project

Valentine — who played Danny Heffernan, brother of James’ lead character, Doug Heffernan, on 136 episodes of the 206-episode 1998-2007 CBS hit “The King of Queens,” and Kyle Gable, the brother of James’ character on all episodes of the 2016-2018 CBS sitcom “Kevin Can Wait,” among numerous other acting roles — has helped produce two previous screen projects: The 43-minute skateboard documentary “Opinion: To Each His Own” (2001) and the direct-to-video talking-dog feature “The Dog Who Saved Summer” (2015), part of a franchise in which Valentine stars as the head of the family who owns the trouble-prone canine.

And he’ll appear somewhere in the Daly miniseries, noting lightheartedly, “I'll be kind enough to put myself in it in some capacity!”

No air date or channel/streaming service has been announced for the project.

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