Lauren Mink is singing "Country Strong" next on "American Idol." She has a great, sincere, powerful voice, "so much passion behind the notes" says Steven Tyler. She's got a big smile and is serious about her music. I really like her. 

Mawuena Kodjo is next, doing "I Won't Let Go" and he's pretty horrible. As Steven Tyler says, "you've got the confidence, man -- but you ain't got the song."

Randy Jackson challenges him to find people who think he's good, so off he goes with Ryan Seacrest, singing for total strangers. They come back with some kids who say they think he's good, and an elderly man who says "we want him to go to Hollywood." This is pretty hilarious, actually.

They called Randy's bluff, but he winds up saying, "nice guy, but it's still a no."

Cocky, frenetic Ashlee Altise next, says she's "joy-hopping." These personality types never turn out to be any good. Struts into the audition room, totally lives in her own reality, judges are cracking up. She does have a good smile.

Hmm, she can actually sing. She's annoying as heck, but her voice has power, and she's kind of fun to watch. "I like you," says Tyler. They all wind up saying yes and call her "good crazy." 

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