The national ad featuring an interracial family will continue running...

The national ad featuring an interracial family will continue running as scheduled for several more months and Cheerios isn’t planning any changes, the company says. Credit: YouTube

The key to Super Bowl advertising is to stand out from the pack, and this in-game commercial from Cheerios should almost certainly accomplish exactly that - starring the same biracial couple, and child,  from a commercial that aired last May. Cheerios said at the time that so much racist vitriol was directed at the ad that it disabled comments during its YouTube run.  With this new ad, Cheerios effectively tells the haters: Lump it. As with the first one, it's carefully crafted to convey a post-racial message of not merely tolerance but love (which happens to be the one-word tag.) 

 Here it is, and the "Today" show story on the controversy, such as it was, last spring,. My thanks to Adweek for posting the particulars of this story online today...

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