Heejun Han, Joshua Ledet and Adam Brock next up on "American Idol." I think sweet Han is easily into the final 13 by fan vote, with the electric Ledet (whom Randy Jackson dubbed a "church kid") in by vote as well or as a wild card and big-talking Brock going home.

Ledet is voted in, as is Han!

Brock doesn't get voted in, is now awaiting a wild card spot I don't think is coming.

Skylar Lane, Baylie Brown, Chelsea Sorrell and Shannon Magrane up next. I think  Lane and Magrane both deserve to get voted in and should, with Brown having a shot at upsetting one of them and getting voted in despite a horrific performance -- but most likely she's going home. Sorrell is going home for sure.

Magrane is crying, she says she wants this so badly; and indeed gets voted in. As does Lane; nice!

So far, everyone who's gotten voted in by the fans deserves it.

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