"Who got voted off 'American Idol' " is going to be the most-Googled phrase in America, since crazy Fox has now run waaaaay over -- it's 10:20 pm EST!

That's making bottom three Tim Urban, Aaron Kelly and Casey James' wait even longer on the annual "Idol Gives Back" charity show.

And totally messing up everyone who doesn't watch the show live and is taping it. You'd think they'd have learned from the Adam Lambert debacle last year, but really, this show's production values and strategies are surprisingly bad.

Aaron gets sent back to safety, so it's either Casey or Tim. And -- at last, our long national nightmare is over. Tim Urban is gone, about four weeks too late.

He's not gonna be what people are talking about, though. David Cook and especially Annie Lennox reduced everyone to tears with their visits to Africa.

Cook did a great job highlighting how girls in Ethiopia aren't getting a chance at education. And Lennox -- with a 7-year-old girl who weighed as much as a 1-year-old, but somehow had the optimism to flash us a smile -- seared into our hearts the unfair lives of kids born with HIV/AIDs.

In probably the most memorable moment of the show, Lennox went back to visit the girl after she'd been given medicine . . . and found she was thriving and plump, looking healthy and happy.

Lennox also debuted a song, possibly called "Universal Child," on the show, while wearing a T-shirt that read 'HIV Positive. (She isn't; she's wearing the shirt to build awarness and destigmatize a disease that is in the process of destroying Africa, and parts of America).

HIV/AIDS in Africa, feeding hungry families in America, and helping young kids everywhere get a fair shot at education were the focus of this year's "Idol" charity show. It's already raised at least $15 million tonight, and brought such A-list celebs as Elton John, Mary J. Blige, Carrie Underwood, Bill and Melinda Gates.

And, of course, President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, who opened the show via videotape thanking "Idol" for the $100 million plus the show's raised for charity -- and, of course, poking fun at Randy and Simon.


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