Tips for encouraging your child to read during the summer.

Tips for encouraging your child to read during the summer. Credit: iStock

Whether you're hitting the beach, taking a vacation or spending time in your backyard this summer, it's important to encourage your kids to keep reading. It not only prepares them for the start of the school year, but it's also an activity you can share together.

Renee McGrath, manager of youth services for the Nassau Library System based in Uniondale, provided these tips to motivate your kids to read this summer — and all year long.

1. Sign your child up for the Summer Reading Program at your local library and enjoy the programs with fun activities, story times, crafts and more.

2. Get a library card at the library (it's free) and visit every week to pick out new books and other items.

3. Talk together and share stories with your child while cooking dinner, traveling and shopping. Your child will learn lots of new words and other literacy skills.

4. Sing to your child while changing their diaper or getting ready for bed. Singing engages a different part of their brain development.

5. Have lots of items around the house that encourage imaginative play. Children learn best through play.

6. Write lists with your child — grocery lists, chores, places you want to go this summer or even al list of their favorite books.

7. Be sure you have books available wherever you go this summer.

8. Read together. It's the single most important way to grow a great reader.