Kidsday reporter Zachary Chiuchiolo of Eastport Elementary School enjoys tubing...

Kidsday reporter Zachary Chiuchiolo of Eastport Elementary School enjoys tubing in the Adirondacks every summer. Credit: Chiuchiolo family

My family and I have a cabin in the Adirondack Mountains that we visit during the summer.  

Our cabin is in the town of Hope, which is relatively small but has a couple of stores. My favorite store is the Five and Dime store, which has a lot of toys and other fun things. There is also a small place called Stones and Bones nearby, which has so many cool things, including skeletons of animals, cool rocks and signs.  There is also the Sacandaga River just a few seconds away from our cabin.

One of my favorite activities to do upstate is to go tubing. We drive a mile or two away from our cabin to the other end of the Sacandaga River, then hop in with our tubes. We drift down the river, going through calm areas and rough, choppy rapids. Eventually, we end up back near our cabin.

Another activity I love is to do is hiking to a waterfall. There are two waterfalls we usually go to, Auger Falls and Hope Falls. I like Hope Falls better than Auger because you can swim at the bottom of the falls. The trails are always beautiful, with birds flying, streams flowing through the path, and so many other things along the way. Although I love the hiking, my favorite part of it all is the falls. After walking for a while, it's great to relax on the little beach and swim in the pool below the falls. Sometimes we even climb up the side of the falls, which is always fun.

I think the Adirondacks is my favorite place to go because of all the adventures right in our backyard. Because there is no Wi-Fi, cell service or cable, we all get a break from the technology and distractions in our modern lives. Summers are better in the Adirondacks.

George Marino’s sixth-grade class, Eastport Elementary School

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