Kidsday reporters Kimberly Villa and Scott Vinski found that Mott's...

Kidsday reporters Kimberly Villa and Scott Vinski found that Mott's apple juice tasted the best. Credit: Marie Hand

There are many different types of apple juice on the shelves in the supermarket. We wanted to know which one kids like the best. So, we decided to test them out and see what students in our school thought. For this test, we picked four brands: Apple and Eve (organic), Food Club, Mott’s and R.W. Knudsen (organic).

To conduct our test, we took groups of four and had one person go at a time. We shook the bottles each time we had another group. The taste-testers didn’t know what type of apple juice they were trying. We asked the taste-testers which one they liked the most and which they disliked the most. We told them to try each cup in different orders. We had one person go at a time so that students wouldn’t base their opinion off their friend’s opinion.

One observation we had right off the bat was the difference in tints. Some were darker and some lighter. There was also a difference in the amount of sugar per serving in each brand: Food Club, 28 grams; Mott’s, 25 grams; and Apple and Eve and R.W. Knudsen both had 22 grams. The amount of sugar didn’t seem to be too much of a factor when students were deciding which tasted best.

In the end we tallied our results. Mott’s was the most chosen as the best-tasting juice because, as many students said, it was the most flavorful! Mott’s apple juice had 12 votes out of 16 votes in total. Apple & Eve was the most disliked of them all — not one person in the survey chose it. We also saw that the ones most disliked were the ones that looked almost exactly the same. They were both very translucent.

Marie Hand and Thomas House’s sixth- and seventh-grade students, Bridgehampton School