BabyCenter's survey found gender-neutral names are on the rise in...

BabyCenter's survey found gender-neutral names are on the rise in 2015. Credit: Fotolia

We're halfway through the year and a new survey found gender-neutral baby names are gaining popularity.

BabyCenter, a pregnancy and parenting digital resource, tracked the trend and declared 2015 the "year of the gender-neutral baby." According to 185,000 baby names registered on BabyCenter so far this year, neutral names are on the rise compared to 2014.

Some of the names that topped the list:

Amari (up 56 percent for girls, up 22 percent for boys)
Karter (up 130 percent for girls, up 17 percent for boys)
Phoenix (up 6 percent for girls, up 32 percent for boys)
Quinn (up 26 percent for girls, up 8 percent for boys)
Reese (up 31 percent for girls, up 13 percent for boys)
River (up 14 percent for girls, up 40 percent for boys)
Rory (up 20 percent for girls,  up 24 percent for boys)
Rowan (up 40 percent for girls, up 24 percent for boys)
Sawyer (up 8 percent for girls, up 7 percent for boys)
Taylor (up 14 percent for girls, up 3 percent for boys)

"As usual, baby names are reflecting a larger cultural shift," said Linda Murray, BabyCenter global editor-in-chief in a news release. "Millennials are an open-minded and accepting group, and they don't want their children to feel pressured to conform to stereotypes that might be restrictive. Just as companies have started making more neutral kids' clothes, and taking 'boy' and 'girl' labels off toys, an increasing number of parents are choosing unisex names."

And it's not just BabyCenter moms who are loving this trend. Celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Blake Lively and Jack Osbourne all chose gender-neutral names for their children.