Kidsday reporters Lillian Thilesen, left, and Rea Mengual, of Maria...

Kidsday reporters Lillian Thilesen, left, and Rea Mengual, of Maria Regina School in Seaford, with their homemade bath balms. Credit: Rosemary Meehan

Since bath balms are so popular right now, we decided that we would follow the trend and try to make our own bath balms at home. But we didn’t want to just make the bath balms and give them away. We wanted them to have a purpose. So we decided to sell them at our school Christmas Boutique and donate any profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

St. Jude is a children’s hospital pioneering in research and treatments for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases. St. Jude says in its mission statement, "Consistent with the vision of our founder, Danny Thomas, no child is denied treatment based on race or religion or a family’s ability to pay."

We feel there is no better charity and, unlike with any other hospital, the majority of its funding comes from individual contributions. Hopefully our little fundraiser will make a difference. We found online a recipe for different scented bath balms and salts.

We sold our homemade bath balms in school at the annual Christmas Boutique. Our goal was to sell 25 balms and bath salts at $2 apiece to raise a total of $50. Our sale was a big success, and we sold out. Some people decided to just donate to our cause. In total we raised $76.

We are happy with the result of our sale and that we were successful in raising money for a good cause. It feels good to make a difference.

Rosemary Meehan's eighth-grade class, Maria Regina School, Seaford

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