Bethenny Frankel is star of the Bravo hit show “Bethenny...

Bethenny Frankel is star of the Bravo hit show “Bethenny Ever After,” a New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur and mom to 2-year-old Bryn. Credit: Handout

How do moms really want to spend Mother's Day? If you ask Bethenny Frankel, who stars in the Bravo show "Bethenny Ever After" and mom to 2-year-old Bryn, her ideal day includes a mix of a little "me time" and a little "Mom time." Bethenny's suggestions include going out to brunch with the family, escaping for a spa treatment, splurging on the diet to grab a sweet treat with the kids, a fun family outing and finally finishing the day by letting someone else prepare dinner.

According to Plum District, a daily offers site for moms, who surveyed 19,000 of its members found that 80 percent would rather sleep in than get up early to have breakfast with their kids. And about 75 percent said if they could receive one gift it would be a homemade card over a necklace from Tiffany & Co., while two-thirds prefer to not pick out their own gift, they'd rather their partner and kids choose it. Now through May 13, you can get a sneak peek into Bethenny's Mother's Day suggestions on Plum District.

This got me thinking about what my ideal Mother's Day would be. As a working mom, I cherish the weekends and look forward to spending time with Maggie and Jason doing fun, family things. We are hosting a barbeque on Saturday with both of our families so we can see our own mothers which leaves Sunday open for us to plan and do whatever we want. Maybe Jason has something up his sleeve already planned, but if it was up to me I'd love to sleep in and sneak away for a spa treatment to reconnect with the "me" time that sometimes gets lost while taking care of everyday life. The rest of the day, I want to dedicate to Maggie, the most precious gift I've ever received. Although she's 1 and can't suggest plans, I hope we can take her to the park and enjoy watching her play. 

What's your ideal Mother's Day? How do you want to spend the day? Share your comments below.