Kidsday reporter Sofia Diez and her family celebrate Christmas in...

Kidsday reporter Sofia Diez and her family celebrate Christmas in Colombia. Credit: Diez family

Every year, my family hops onto a plane and travels to Pereira, Colombia, to spend Christmas with our relatives. Last year, when we arrived at the airport there, I saw this beautiful poster that said, “Welcome Back!”

Next, we prepared for a nice Christmas party with all my family. We got together around 11 p.m. and started praying a novena, and we sang Christmas carols. By midnight, we saw lots and lots of fireworks. We danced and played till the morning.

On Christmas, we packed our bags and went to a vacation home called a finca. There were so many things to do such as: swimming in an in-ground pool, picking fruit from trees and playing soccer. Going to Colombia for my Christmas vacation was one of the best Christmases ever!

But my excitement continues! My mom is pregnant, and I am filled with joy. I already have one sister, Emily, and we are 18 months apart. We understand each other very well.

Every day I wonder what the new baby will look like and be like, if she is going to be tough or nice. The third Diez sister’s name will be Victoria because it means “Victory,” and we believe she is going to be a strong girl.

It worries me that as a big sister I will be the leader to follow. Also sharing everything I own makes me a little concerned because sometimes I don’t want people touching my stuff, and cleaning up her messy room will make me a little mad. Overall, it is a great time of year!