Disneynature's "Penguins" tells the story of an Adelie penguin, Steve,...

Disneynature's "Penguins" tells the story of an Adelie penguin, Steve, and his adventures in Antarctica. Credit: Jeff Wilson

We went to an advance screening of Disneynature's new movie, "Penguins," in Manhattan on Sunday. We think this is a movie everyone should see, and everyone will enjoy. 

It was an amazing adventure as we watched Steve, an Adelie penguin, as he travels through Antarctica in the spring. During this time he becomes part of the larger group of penguins as they build nests so they can mate and have a family.

We found out that penguins come back to the place where they are born and they mate and start their circle of life all over again. Steve finds a mate, Adeline, and cares for her and then ends up caring for their two chicks.

We saw all the trouble that they have to go through, from building a nest out of rocks to help protect and keep their babies warm to fighting seals, whales and birds who try to kill and eat the young, and the parents. It was also incredible to see their chicks grow so fast in just a few months.

While we found the film to be very educational, it was presented in such a way that we were laughing and also shaking from all the adventures the penguins had to go through. We think the narrator, Ed Helms, an actor who told the story through Steve, was great. He was so funny and gave Steve human qualities that many of us could relate to.

We liked the way the movie portrayed the deadly cold, the howling winds and friendship and competitiveness of the penguins.

We had many favorite parts, but Sadie enjoyed watching Steve try to build his nest. Riley loved the part where Steve meets Adeline. Gavin was impressed with the way one of the penguins was able to avoid being eaten by a leopard seal. Finally, Dylan liked it when Steve got mixed up with the Emperor penguins.

Don't run out when the movie is over. When the credits are running, you will get a behind-the-scenes look at the humans who spent about 900 days filming the penguins. There are plane shots, lots and lots of different camera shots and bloopers that will amaze you.

Wait until you see the camera people diving into the ocean to film the penguins swimming. It is wonderful to watch the penguins, but incredible to see the conditions the humans went through to bring this movie to us.

There is not a single boring part in this movie. On top of everything else, it was exciting to sit in the audience with narrator Ed Helms and also see Disneynature ambassador Jane Goodall and members of the movie crew. The movie opens Wednesday, April 17.

Rating: 5 smiles out of 5