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Dodgeball gets a bad reputation because of injuries such as bloody noses and black eyes. We know it hurts to get a bloody nose or a black eye, but dodgeball is still pretty fun. Do you think it is fun? We think the game is entertaining because we really like sports and competition. We also enjoy it because we love to run around, throw and catch. And we love dodgeball because it is a fun, active sport.

You can’t find dodgeball anymore in gym classes. It is on the brink of extinction at public schools these days. Jennifer Fee, our physical education teacher, said feelings about dodgeball are mixed. In the past when they used to play, some kids liked it, and some did not. Mrs. Fee also told us that the type of ball you use to play with can affect how you feel about the game. Playground balls hurt and sting when you get hit with them, but Gator Skin balls (like Nerf balls) are made to take the hit for you.

We asked 234 third-, fourth- and fifth-grade students if they would want to play dodgeball in gym class. Here are the results:

Want to play 216

Do not want to play 18

If you are looking for a place to play an exciting, fast-moving game, you can either play at your house with your family and friends, or go to one of these places:

Lazerland, 54A Motor Pkwy, Commack, 631-543-8300,

Air Trampoline, 1850 Lakeland Ave., Ronkonkoma, 631- 619-6000,

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