Kidsday reporter Olivia Breglio with her dog, Ted, who was...

Kidsday reporter Olivia Breglio with her dog, Ted, who was adopted through Fur Babies Rescue & Referral. Credit: Breglio family

My dog, Ted, was adopted from Fur Babies Rescue & Referral Inc. I interviewed Sherry Steinlein, who is currently a foster parent to several dogs and fostered Ted before he became part of our family. I was curious about my dog Ted’s background and wanted to learn more about Fur Babies Rescue. I hope these questions and answers help you understand and become more involved in rescuing a furry friend.

When did you decide you wanted to work with Fur Babies? Why?

I started to volunteer with Fur Babies Rescue about five or six years ago, but I have been involved in doing rescue work with dogs for over 20 years. I met their president when she was fostering a boxer dog whom I adopted.

Do you foster dogs yourself? If so, how many and how long do they usually stay with you?

I foster dogs for Fur Babies. It is always different kinds of dogs — sometimes puppies, sometimes older dogs. Sometimes they are sick, and I take care of them until they are better. I never know exactly how long a foster will stay with me — it can be just one day or a few months. It depends on how long it takes for them to be adopted.

How many dogs does Fur Babies rescue?

Fur Babies usually rescues about 300 dogs a year. We try never to say no to any dog that needs us.

How many volunteers does Fur Babies have?

Usually we have about 15 to 20 volunteers at a time, but it is always changing.

How does Fur Babies pay for the help they give to the dogs?

Fur Babies is a nonprofit organization, which means none of us gets paid anything for doing this. We depend 100 percent on donations and volunteers.

How do you decide if you should let a dog be adopted by someone?

There is an application that anyone who wants to adopt a dog must fill out, and it tells us a bit about the person and their family. If we feel it would be a good fit, the foster parents may go to meet the family who wants to adopt a pup. If it seems like everyone will like each other (we can usually tell), then that dog gets a new home!

What is your favorite type of dog?


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