Connor McGovern, brother of Kidsday reporter Kylie McGovern, is part of...

Connor McGovern, brother of Kidsday reporter Kylie McGovern, is part of the Future Islanders program. Credit: McGovern family

My brother, Connor, decided last year that he wanted to start playing hockey. He did not know how to skate and had never played before. My dad heard about the program Future Islanders, which is for kids ages 5 to 8 and signed up my brother, who is 7. The program teaches you both how the skate and how to play hockey.

The coaches are former and even current Islanders. It is good to have coaches who play for the Islanders or used to play because they can help you a lot about both skating and how to play competitive hockey. Future Islanders is expensive, but kids get a lot of equipment, including a jersey, helmet, shoulder pads, gloves, skates, sticks, elbow pads, pants, socks, shin pads and an equipment bag.

Connor started  last summer with the program. He said that when he first started to skate, it was very hard because it was his first time. He said the program helped him learn how to play hockey, and now he is on a hockey team. He said the coaches helped the kids out a lot and made it fun for them when the kids did not think they could play. My brother said it was a lot of fun to  be with guys who play or have played in the NHL.

My brother said he likes that the Islanders are doing this program to help kids learn how to play hockey and might help them play hockey in the future. They have clinics at lots of different locations around Long Island.


Cherie Gisondi's ninth-grade English class, Carle Place High School


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