Kidsday reporter Leah Bolitho, of Bayville Intermediate School, tries out the Google...

Kidsday reporter Leah Bolitho, of Bayville Intermediate School, tries out the Google Daydream View, a virtual-reality headset. Credit: Christine Arthur

I tried the Google Daydream virtual reality headset.

One thing about it is that if you don’t have the right type of phone, your VR might look weird and glitchy. Read the box before buying to make sure it will work well with your phone.

First, I am going to tell how to use it. You need to take everything out of the box. Next, you need to take the virtual reality goggles and open the front part from the top of the goggles.

Now you need to download the Daydream app on your phone. You also need to charge your remote. Open the app on your phone and follow the instructions that the app gives you. As you follow your instructions, you will place your phone inside the virtual reality set. Next, it will give you a few things to do to practice your VR.

Then once you are all warmed up to your VR, you can play a bunch of games, though some games you need to buy. You can watch YouTube with the Daydream. This is what I love about it — you can watch your favorite YouTube videos, and it will look as if you’re in the room with them.

The reason you need the remote control is that when you are watching YouTube, you can move the screen with the remote to your liking. You also need the remote if you want to play games with your VR.

This Google VR is one of the coolest thing I have ever tried. I will definitely be asking for one.

Christine Arthur’s fifth-grade class, Bayville Intermediate School

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