Fox TV personality Greg Gutfeld with Kidsday reporters, from left,...

Fox TV personality Greg Gutfeld with Kidsday reporters, from left, John Halhoul, Fred Chrysler, Harrison Hanley and Alex Hatgistavrou. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We were able to go behind-the-scenes at Fox Studios in Manhattan for an interview with Greg Gutfeld, writer, television personality, news commentator, journalist and cast member of “The Five” and star of “The Greg Gutfeld Show.” The experience was amazing.

When we arrived at the Fox building, we were greeted by the senior public relations director of “The Five,” Carly Shanahan. She welcomed us and then took us through a set of tall white doors that open to “The Five” set. In the middle of the room sat a single table with five chairs, and bright lights shined from every direction spelling “The Five.” At first sight, all of us were mesmerized by the wonders of the room surrounding us. As we were getting ready for our interview with Greg, a sudden click turned all our attention to the door we had just come through. Greg Gutfeld walked in, unicorn cup in hand, and a huge smile broke out on all our faces. We all walked over eagerly and introduced ourselves. After a couple minutes of introductions and small talk, we sat down at the table intended for the cast of “The Five.” When the interview started, three massive teleprompters and cameras focused on us, making the event much more nerve-racking but great.

Immediately, Greg began to crack jokes and make us all laugh. Because of his great humor and fun personality, our nerves were calmed, and we realized that he was just like all of us. The interview started and the feeling in the room was very natural, like we were just having a regular conversation with him.

We asked him questions going around the table. The first question was regarding his affiliation with Prager University. Being the jokester he is, he first answered the question with a firm “It’s none of your business!” Then he responded by saying that is the past. He always liked Dennis Prager and wanted to partner with him.

Next, we asked what it was like attending UC Berkeley as a conservative, or was he more liberal back then? He said that when you are in high school and college, you are always a Democrat and being around liberals and listening to their views caused him to become a Libertarian. After listening to his response, we asked if — because kids follow the crowd regarding politics — he thinks that the voting age should be raised. He said, “If you can fight a war, you can vote.”

Given our interest in politics, we asked Greg if he was interested in politics at our age. He said that age 12 was when he started to get interested in politics. He read some magazines and newspapers, but he admitted that he did not know as much as any of us. Then he said he lived in the era of President Richard Nixon and that the era of Donald Trump is much more interesting and exciting, so that you want to learn more, and the younger generation is subjected to it much more. He also told us that robots would be running for office one day. Everyone found that intriguing.

It was clear from talking to Greg and watching him work that he works hard and that he enjoys his work. We jokingly asked him how he prepares for the show: Does he check his zipper, teeth or hair before going on? He said he checks all three. We were able to watch him prepare for the show backstage, and we learned that he writes his own monologues. Pretty cool.

We brought along some gifts for him — a unicorn mug and unicorn button along with a bag of Snickers bars for his co-workers. We thought he might get a kick out of the gifts, and he did. He even shared the Snickers on air with his co-workers, giving each one a bar with a different adjective on it. The one we gave him said Sarcastic.

Everyone we met at Fox was so nice and welcoming. Meeting Greg Gutfeld was an experience we will never forget. He was hilarious and a bit sarcastic. He was so cool because he didn’t care what people said about him, and he even made jokes about his height. We all wished we could be as confident, calm and comfortable as Greg.

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