Where do you want to have your next birthday party? Of course, you want it on a GameTruck! If you ever go on a game bus, you will need to know a few facts. The game bus has entertainment for 20 to 30 people on six interior TVs and two exterior TVs. They have great assistants who will make your party even more fun.

We hope you like the game bus. The game devices they have are: Kinect, Wii, Nintendo, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. You can also do karaoke or laser tag. There's a system link, four big-screen HDTVs for a 16-player Halo battle. Also, you don't have to clean up because it's a self-contained, all-weather game bus. Now, do you have a good idea to where your next birthday party will be?

Their phone number is 888-602-4263. Online: gametruckparty.com