Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Max Tunney, Long Beach

There are too many deer around where I live. One of the effects of the deer overpopulation is car crashes. In the area that I live in, deer run across the streets from every side. They come out more during the night, which is a problem because people would like to come home without having to worry about deer. One solution for this could be to hunt the deer. I am not saying to kill them all, but to capture them and move them so there won’t be as many accidents. My mom once was in a crash with deer, and it was not a fun experience.

Sometimes when I play outside I can hear gunshots. It is scary to hear, but also relieving to know that there is one less deer to worry about. You might have a pet at home. Picture there being hundreds all over. It’s fun until it hits your car. What would you do? Let it keep happening and pay for any damage, or hunt them?

It is a scary thought to know that people are killing these innocent animals, but what if your loved one was in a crash with the deer? Would you pick to save the deer or the life of somebody you love? I am not trying to tell you to pick what I think. I just want you to know about this growing problem on the East End of Long Island. You choose what side you are on.