The game Captain Toad Treasure Tracker (Nintendo for the Wii U) is about two characters Toad and Toadette that find a star coin during a treasure hunt. A giant bird named Wingo takes the star away from them. Toadette is hanging on to the star as Wingo flies away. Now it's up to Toad to save Toadette and the star coin. There are different types of levels. If the enemies touch him, he shrinks. If they touch him again he loses a life. If this continues the level will say game over. In the treasure hunt there are flowers that contain coins. If you take some flowers out you will get coins. There are also flowers that contain mushrooms. The mushroom will bring you back to your normal size if you are small.

If you collect diamonds in the game, it will help you get to certain levels. There are flowers in the game that make you invincible. None of the enemies can beat you in the invincible mode. When Toad finds Wingo, he has to climb all the way up his tower to defeat him. Once you have finished Captain Toad Treasure Tracker there is Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Episode 2. But this time, Toadette has to save Toad.