Will technology be our new textbooks someday? It takes a lot of responsibility to own an iPad. Every third- through sixth-grade student at our school has an iPad. We asked a few teachers and students their perspective on using iPads in school.

We asked the teachers and students what they think of the technology on the iPads. We asked one teacher if iPads help improve kids' learning and why. The teacher explained that it does improve kids' learning because the kids are very interested and you can learn by watching. An example is how to figure out a math problem step by step. Another teacher said there are a lot more things to help us with our learning besides iPads.

A few students said they like to visualize things to help them learn, and learning on an iPad is all visual. Lastly we asked, "Would you rather use textbooks or iPads and why?" One teacher said iPads, because they are the way of the future for our generation.

There are pros and cons to using iPads in school. As time goes on, we think kids from all over will be using iPads.