Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kathleen Tehn-Addy, Wheatley Heights

During winter break I had a really great time on the island of Jamaica.

Jamaica is located in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba, and has many mountains, rainforests, and reef-lined beaches. My family and I were on our yearly vacation on the cruise ship Harmony of the Seas, and one of the ports of call was Jamaica.

As we began our exploration of the island, my parents surprised me saying we were going to a dolphin sanctuary. On the way there I saw life in Jamaica and what school was like there. When we arrived at the sanctuary, I saw many tropical birds and lizards just walking around. It was so magnificent.

In the sanctuary the dolphins were getting fed and swimming around. Our tour guide told us that they were all once injured but the sanctuary rescued them, and they now have their new home.

Before I knew it, I was in the water with the dolphins. The instructor told me to hug the dolphin and as I did, the dolphin jetted off like a torpedo through the water. That was fun! My sister and I even got a chance to feed the dolphins some fish. The dolphin knew how to splash us by going underwater and flapping its tail against the water.

The best part about the experience was learning that all the animals at the sanctuary are treated well. Jamaica was really nice, and visiting there is a really good idea if you like to explore new cultures.

Marytheresa Donohue’s seventh-grade class, St. Mary School, East Islip

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