Singer Jasmine Thompson, center, with Kidsday reporters Dominic Traube, left,...

Singer Jasmine Thompson, center, with Kidsday reporters Dominic Traube, left, Taylor Vicidomine, Antonio Torre and Jessica Biscardi, ages 9 and 10, all from Centereach, at Atlantic Records in Manhattan

Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We traveled to Atlantic Records in Manhattan to meet with singer/songwriter Jasmine Thompson. She is from London. Jasmine already has millions of fans and followers on her YouTube channel and after hearing her amazing songs, she certainly gained four more fans! Jasmine just released her new EP, “Colour,” along with the sensational new lead single “Some People.”

  When Jasmine greeted us, we were taken into a private room at Atlantic Records. Jasmine was dressed casually. She looked just like any other girl her age — in jeans, a white T-shirt and boots. We felt at home with Jasmine after only five minutes. Her engaging personality made her easy to talk to and she answered all our questions with charm and grace.

  Jessica was first in line to question Jasmine. She asked if any of Jasmine’s songs had a special message in them. Jasmine explained that each song contained a message but that it only had meaning to her. Jessica  also asked what Jasmine would  have done for a career, had she not chosen to be a singer. Jasmine explained that she would have liked to pursue something in the educational field, perhaps teaching.

  Antonio was next and found it quite funny that Jasmine’s favorite part of being in New York City was the simple fact that when buying pizza, you don’t have to buy the whole pie!  She loves that you can buy just a slice. Antonio also learned that Jasmine really enjoys listening to Ariana Grande  and many other American singers.

  Taylor learned that Jasmine is multi-talented. Not only does she sing, she also plays the guitar and piano. Jasmine told Taylor she was just 8 when she knew she wanted to sing. At that age, she could already belt out some serious tunes.

  Dominic wanted to know her favorite song to sing. Jasmine said she likes all her songs, but her favorite is her hit “More,” because the words express many of the emotions she was going through when she was writing it. Dominic asked Jasmine how she remains calm during performances. Like many of us, Jasmine likes to listen to some of her favorite music just before performing. This helps to calm her down.

  In closing, we were so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit and talk with Jasmine. She is an inspiration to all of us and is a living example of why you should never give up on your dreams We are looking forward to Jasmine making a name for herself in the United States. She is truly the whole package: talented, sweet and kind. In no time, Jasmine will be heard all over the U.S., and maybe she'll even tour some of the biggest cities. We are so very lucky to have met her.

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