Julian Lennon with Kidsday reporters, from left, Matthew Montesanto, Lucas...

Julian Lennon with Kidsday reporters, from left, Matthew Montesanto, Lucas Scourtos, Gianna Ameri and Emma Carlson, from West Islip, at the amNY offices in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Earth Day 2019 was a memorable day for us because we had the opportunity to interview Julian Lennon, founder of the White Feather Foundation. We traveled into Manhattan to the amNewYork offices to meet this wonderful musician, photographer and writer to ask him about his newly released book, “Love the Earth,” (Sky Pony Press), the third book in his New York Times bestselling series.

The book takes four children of different backgrounds into a journey using a magic white feather that changes into the White Feather Flier. This magical airplane takes the children around the world and teaches them how to love and appreciate planet Earth.  The children’s journey takes them to places where medical care is not easily accessible, to polluted oceans and to places where education is not a given and futures are not bright. The White Flier teaches the children how to overcome these obstacles through spreading hope and love. The message of love, humanity and hope is illustrated throughout the book.

We enjoyed talking to Julian about the book and also his career. Lucas asked Julian whether he prefers living in the United States or in Europe. Julian said he does not have a favorite place and that he loves to travel and visit everywhere. He currently lives in Europe.

Lucas asked Julian what his spirit animal was, Julian said it was a butterfly because the butterfly resembles transformation: growing and learning.   Emma commented on the fact that there were several monarch butterflies in the book too.

Matthew asked if it was a coincidence that the book was released on Earth Day. Julian said it was not an accident and it was definitely planned to be available on that date and said it has special meaning.

Matt also asked Julian about his birthday a few weeks ago and asked how he celebrated it. The children thought it was cool that Julian celebrated his birthday twice because of his traveling schedule between Japan and England. The time differences allowed for two celebrations.

Emma wondered about the reason for the name White Feather Foundation and Julian shared a story about his dad. When Julian was a little boy his dad said that if anything should ever happen to him that he would be okay. A white feather would show him that everything would be all right.

Gianna asked, “Why did you name the book “Love the Earth”? Julian responded that he wanted people to love everyone around them even if you hate them and to love the earth and to take care of it. Julian told us that love is the be all and end all of everything that matters and counts. Love and forgiveness. He added that love has been greater than evil or negativity. We really liked his take on that!

Julian is so busy. He writes books, makes music and loves photography. We were curious what he does in his spare time. He told us that he loves to travel. And, lucky for him, he gets to do it for work and for pleasure. He likes meeting people all around the world. He added that he likes to powerwalk through cities and take pictures. He loves motorcycles and loves to just hop on a bike and just travel.

It was so much fun talking to Julian about his books and his career. We really thought it was great that he autographed our books too! More good news: part of the proceeds from the book will go to the White Feather Foundation. You can find out more about that: whitefeatherfoundation.com