Just Dance: Disney Party 2 is a video game and...

Just Dance: Disney Party 2 is a video game and that also gives players a workout. Credit: Ubisoft

I think the Just Dance: Disney Party 2, (Ubisoft) video game is a great game.

One reason why I think Just Dance was a great game was because while you are dancing, it is a great workout. I think it is very fun dancing with all the Disney characters. A lot of parents are worried that their children are too busy with their video games so they have no time to work out. Now kids can play their games and work out at the same time. Plus, they can play with their friends on the game at the same time. There are songs from movies such as “The Descendants,” and “Teen Beach Movie 2.” There’s also music from the TV shows such as “Austin and Ally,” and K.C. Undercover,” just to name a few.

RATING: 4 smiles