We met NeverShoutNever! (Christofer Drew Ingle) backstage before his recent performance at the Fillmore in Manhattan recently.
Have your parents been supportive of your career?

At first they weren’t the most supportive parents. They were just more nervous than anything. They didn’t really know what to expect. Dropped out of high school and started touring in my car. They scared any parents. At first they were pretty nervous, but now, especially now that things are starting to kick off they’re all for it.

Has growing up in Missouri effected your music style?

I think so. I wasn’t really too pressured by big city scenes and what was cool. Things like that. I did my own thing. Took from things that I liked and stuff that was cool.
Was it hard to hire backup people?

No. They’re all my friends. I don’t really hire or fire. I just kind of asked them to come out. If they feel like not coming out now, maybe they’ll come back later. It’s more of a friend thing, they have my back and I’ve got their back.
Do you like making music videos?

Yeah, It’s kind of strenuous. At first you have to get into the groove of things. I usually have to wake up early, push through the tiredness, just kind of prevail.
Why did you decide to have a band name instead of your real name?

I don’t know. I felt my name was kind of boring. I just thought NeverShoutNever was more fun and kind of like me.
If someone sings your song on the sidewalk, would you tell them it’s your song?

Kidsday reporters Sarah Haberlack, Erin Gallagher, Kaelyn Marks and Michele...

Kidsday reporters Sarah Haberlack, Erin Gallagher, Kaelyn Marks and Michele Cook with Chris Drew of Never Shout Never backstage at the Fillmore in Manhattan Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

No. I’m not cocky like that. I try to avoid any situation that has to do with my music, honestly. I’m just shy.
What was your life like before you were famous?

First I’m not famous. I don’t like saying that. It’s cool. It’s just like anybody’s life. I lived in the midwest, very homey, I played sports, had some friends. It was just very usual and one day a lot of things just went wrong in my life. Like my girlfriend cheated on me, my best friend left me. I was just fed up with life and just decided I was going to do something crazy and drop out of high school and just see what happens. It’s worth it. Just keep going at it. It was fun.
Do you like the money or the fame?

I don’t like either. I believe that fame is something that’s within. Everyone’s famous. You just have to believe in yourself and I believe that’s true for fame. And money is just paper. It’s nothing of real value. That’s just vanity for me. It’s cool to have money and bless other people and bless my friends. I’m sending my sister to college and things like that, which is amazing. She’s 18 now.
Would you ever object to giving a fan a hug?

No. I love hugs. Group hug!
How long have you’ve been a vegan?
I think it’s been like 21/2 years. I’ve been on and off vegan now for awhile. Right now I’m trying to get back into veganism, but I’ve been on and off vegan/vegetarian.
Do you ever get sick of being on the road?
I try not to get distracted like that. I just try to keep focused on the road, not think about what I want, or where I am and think how to take the full potential out of it. I don’t try to think like that.
What is the writing process like when you’re creating your songs?
I usually start out with just one line, or some kind of hook, or something that I’m really passionate about, a feeling or an emotion. I kind of really try to capture in a song. Usually takes about an hour to write a song just because I try to write them all in one sitting because I feel that’s the best way to translate. It’s all that one feeling and it’s hard to recapture a feeling after you step away from the guitar. I try to write in one sitting. I usually write the lyrics and the melody at the same time. It’s more like me looking weird and singing to myself quietly and making up stuff.
How old were you when you realized you wanted to be a singer?
I think when I was 14 or so. At 14 is when I started playing guitar, a couple of popular songs and I went from there and I started writing my own songs.
What was your favorite song that you made so far?
I don’t know. That’s a tough one. I think my favorite song that I’ve recorded was probably “Bohemian Rhapsody.” I did a cover for that by Queen and it was ridiculous. It was like 60 vocal tracks, took like a couple of days. It was wild.