Harry Connick Jr. on the set of his TV show...

Harry Connick Jr. on the set of his TV show with Kidsday reporters Kierstin McNamara, left, Miranda Waters, Vincent Colagrande and Adam Piotrowski, all from Jericho Elementary School in Centereach. Credit: Newsday / Patrick Mullooly

We had the pleasure of being part of the live audience of the “Harry” TV show starring Harry Connick Jr. We arrived at CBS Studios in Manhattan and was immediately escorted by the show’s publicist Jessica Liik. She took us to the backstage area, and there were cameras and lights everywhere. And then in one turn, we were on the amazing set of the “Harry” show. The lighting was incredible and the gigantic cameras were amazing. We had seats in the second row right next to Harry’s live band. His full band played, then played louder, paused and the crowd roared. Then, there he was live on stage . . . Harry Connick Jr.

Each segment of the show was entertaining. First, Harry brought on stage little kids and asked them about the winter season. The kids were so cute and funny. One boy said he likes to throw snowballs at his family.

In between each segment, the cameras turn off and the band plays again for the audience. We got to stand up and dance over and over. Harry also talked to the audience and played the piano.

Next, the cast from the new miniseries “The New Edition Story” came to the stage. Each actor shared what it was like to portray New Edition. Then, some of the original members of New Edition made a surprise visit. The audience went wild.

The third segment was a mentalist named Lior Suchard. He entertained us and Harry by reading his mind. He guessed time and time again which hand Harry was holding a ring behind his back. He said, “Don’t think about putting the ring in your pocket because I knew you were going to do that.” Every time Harry mixed it up, the mentalist always guessed the correct hand. Before he left the stage, he was guessing people’s underwear color in the audience. It was hilarious.

Chef Curtis Stone gave us a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a pork meal with a glazed sauce. It looked delicious, but not everyone in the audience got to try it.

The last and final segment was a balloon artist. She taught Harry, well, tried to teach Harry, how to make a five-petal flower. He wasn’t very good at it. She gave the band balloon instruments and made a balloon grand piano for Harry. At the end, she showed everyone her grand creations — a car, a lobster costume for Harry and a gigantic unicorn.

Overall, being a part of the audience was thrilling and fun. This was an incredible experience and we are so lucky to have been there.

After the taping, Harry sat down with us and answered some questions. He was so nice. He shook each of our hands. Afterward he allowed us to take a lot of pictures. He answered our questions about his favorite instrument to play (piano) to performing at a Presidential Inaugaration (an amazing experience — being in a place where so many presidents have stood). Of all things he has done — judged on “American Idol” sold more than 28 million records, and being on Broadway, his favorite by far was hosting “Harry.” We could tell he loved his job. He talked to us about his family and lots of other things and it was a great time interviewing him, but the most fun and exciting part came when he helped us sing, “It Had To Be You.” Our show airs this Monday at 2 p.m. on Channel 5. Look for us in the audience, we are all wearing our Kidsday shirts.