Credit: Kidsday illustration / Danit Kashi

With summer almost here, it is a great time to surf. It is the best time because the water is warmer, the weather is nicer and there are great waves to ride. I think the best place to surf on Long Island is Long Beach. It is the best place because there are places that are just for surfing. Also, a great place to learn is at Skudin Surf Camp down on Shore Road ( If you are a beginner, they will not let you in the beach without a teacher. But, if you are advanced or an expert, you will be just fine.

To learn how to surf, the board to begin with should be a soft surfboard. Surfing is a very fun sport to learn. It can be hard at first but when you got it, it will be like you are in another world. If you feel strongly about it then try it.