Credit: Kidsday illustration / Julia Aaron

The new editions of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have been released, and many kids might be deciding which one to purchase. I did some research and I have some advice on which laptop would be best to fit your lifestyle.

The MacBook Air is the lighter and thinner version of the MacBook laptop, totaling 2.75 pounds. There is a new Retina display, which gives it a better-quality picture with a higher pixel count. Touch ID has been added, like on the newer iPhones and iPads. The keyboard has been improved to a butterfly keyboard, which gives you thinner keys and a more accurate typing experience. The trackpad was given a new Force Touch feature, which gives you access to more applications when you apply more pressure to the trackpad. The speakers are 25 percent louder and the headphone jack was kept, unlike the iPhones. The MacBook Air is available in three colors: space gray, gold and silver. It is priced around $1,200.

The MacBook Pro is more for the creative person. It is a great laptop for graphic design. It weighs a total of 4.02 pounds. It has a new two-tone display, which makes the screen brightness and warmth of tone adjust to the lighting in the room to reduce eyestrain. The keyboard was adjusted to be quieter. There is a Touch Bar, which is a touch screen bar that replaces the function keys at the very top of the keyboard. It is available in a 15-inch screen, ranging up to $2,500, or in a 13-inch screen, which is around $1,700.

So, which laptop is right for you? If you prefer Touch ID, a better quality picture and an easier laptop to travel with, then the MacBook Air is more for you. If you like being able to work for a long time with less eyestrain, like on graphic design, and you enjoy the Touch Bar concept, then you should lean toward the MacBook Pro.

Rosemary Meehan’s eighth-grade class, Maria Regina School, Seaford

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