Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matthew Faraci, Sayville

Do you have a best friend who lives far away? Well, I do. I don’t have a phone, but there is another way to keep in touch. You can write your friend a letter.

Even if you have a phone, you will be saving electricity by writing a letter. If you miss a friend and she or he lives far away, whether you have a phone or not, find out their address and send them a letter or become pen pals. I have a pen pal who lives in Bayside, Queens. She goes to my old school. I miss her a lot, and we both don’t have a phone. On my last day in my old school, she gave me her address and I gave her my new address. Since then, we have been great pen pals.

A good thing about writing a letter is you can write a lot of things that you are doing or what is happening where you are. With some types of electronic communication, there is a limit on how much you can write. If you are writing a letter you are never limited.

Also, if you write a letter to a friend, it will be a nice surprise for them to receive in their mailbox because many people only send letters at holiday time. If you are going to text a friend, they probably will see it coming.

Now are you going to write a letter to someone? If you are, I think they will be very surprised and happy to receive your letter.

Christine Arthur’s fifth-grade class, Bayville Intermediate School

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