Singer Maisie Peters, center, seated, with Kidsday reporters Courtney Crimmins,...

Singer Maisie Peters, center, seated, with Kidsday reporters Courtney Crimmins, left, Zachary Corallo, Kate Supper and Charlie McCarthy, at Atlantic Records in Manhattan Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Last week, we made a trip to Atlantic Records in Manhattan to meet singer Maisie Peters. If you don’t know who she is, she creates pop music. You should look her up on YouTube and watch her sing her latest song called “Stay Young.” Maisie is from the UK and is well known in her area.

We were very excited to get to know more about Maisie and hear her sing. She put on  a concert for some members of the media (that’s us!), as well as many of the people who work at Atlantic Records. Her performance was amazing. She sang three songs from her EP “Dressed Too Nice For A Jacket’.” She was very personable, and because we were sitting right up front, it seemed like she was singing directly to us. We loved singing along with her during the concert.

After her performance, Maisie met a lot of the members of Atlantic Records, but the she sat down with us to talk more about her career and how she got started in the music business. We told her how much we enjoyed watching her perform and she smiled and said this type of venue is her favorite to perform because it is a small one.

We found out talking to Maisie that she has a twin sister and loves cats. She even has one in her “Stay Young” music video. Fun fact: when they were preparing to shoot the video they had to interview cats to see which one she wanted in the video.

Afterward, we were able to ask her some questions. It was really cool to hear some of her answers. We asked her what artist inspires her the most. She told us it was Taylor Swift and said she would love to perform with her one day. We also asked her where she would want to go on tour if she could go anywhere. She said Chicago and Miami would be her top choices.

A fun question: Does she sing in the shower? She said she does and one time her song even came on and she found herself singing along.  Asked if she likes getting her hair and makeup done, she actually told us no, which surprised us. She said she finds it relaxing and calming to do her own hair and makeup.

We also found out that she and her sister used to play the flute, but she doesn’t think she would be able to remember how to play it since it was a long time ago. It’s actually interesting that nobody else in her family performs. Well, we sure are glad that she has the talent because we loved listening to her songs. At the end, we asked Maisie if she would sing the chorus of “Stay Young” with us. She did! And that made this even more of an amazing experience that we will always remember. Thank you for meeting with us, Maisie Peters.

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