Monica Ten-Kate of "Monica the Medium," center, with Kidsday reporters,...

Monica Ten-Kate of "Monica the Medium," center, with Kidsday reporters, from left, Lia McNally, Cassandra Bayles, Jaclyn Gephardt and Madison Cosgrove, 13, from Selden and Centereach, at Planet Hollywood. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We got to meet Monica Ten-Kate at Planet Hollywood this week. You may know her from the TV show “Monica The Medium” that airs on Freeform. It was so exciting to meet her because none of us had ever met someone who connects with the spirits before.

She was so personal and easy to talk to it was like we were sitting and talking to a friend who we had known for a long time. She shared with us that she feels this talent is a gift and that when she first realized she had this gift she didn’t know what to think and was nervous about telling others about it. Now she embraces communicating with spirits and uses it to help others to know that their loved ones are doing OK on “the other side.”

Monica explained to us how a spirit comes to her and how she has honed in on recognizing the thoughts, feelings, visions and physical reactions she receives to be able to share with the people who are receiving the messages, to validate that it truly is their loved one and to relay messages from their family on the other side. Although she did not give any of us a reading from our family members she gave us all “hugs from heaven” at the end of the interview and we all felt that our hugs were being sent to those family members we had lost. It was great to meet such a wonderful person who does not just define herself as a medium, but as a student, daughter, sister and a friend. She has just begun to share her gifts, and we all suggest that you watch her show “Monica The Medium” that airs on Freeform. We love it and think you will too.