Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiera Pagano, Massapequa

If you are thinking of having a birthday party, the easiest choice is to have one at your house. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find appealing ideas and activities for your party. If you are out of ideas, there are some activities that are unique and fun, will entertain your party guests and make your party fabulous.

Sofia has always had her birthday parties at home since she was 5, and they are a blast. She had an owl party, a princess party, a pink-themed party, a magic party and a beach-themed party. They were all successful and fun. Savannah has had a giant pool and barbecue party, and a water-balloon party. They were a splash. Our favorite types of parties would definitely be water-themed; specifically, a pool party.

We think every party needs games. You can take any simple game, like hide-and-seek, tag, charades or a scavenger hunt and make it even more fun. For example, if you have any game, you can add electronics to it. For hide-and-seek, you can have the hider give the seeker clues over a phone or walkie-talkie. If your party is in the summer, this next game is just for you, you can have a water balloon fight. Everyone gets into teams and each team has a bucket of water balloons. The goal is clear: try to hit people with them.

If you want an easy but tasty snack for your party, you can try chocolate covered pretzels. All you need to do is dip pretzels of your choice in melted chocolate and place them on a baking sheet to harden. Then, you can add some fun to them by adding sprinkles or candies, or drizzling on candy melts. If you prefer something a little less sweet though, try making some homemade dip. There are hundreds of recipes to discover, but sometimes the simpler, the better. Our favorite is making guacamole dip. Some kids would even prefer buying snacks, which is fine.

Instead of buying a cake, you can make your own. It’s fun, tasty and easy. You can find tutorials online on how to make the cake you want. You can also make mini cupcakes for your party guests to decorate. This allows you and your friends to have a tasty snack and be creative with your cupcakes. All you need are some plain cupcakes, store-bought or homemade, and some simple decorating ingredients like frosting or sprinkles. You can add party favors or extra treats for your party guests to bring home, too. You can make your very own party bags. All you need is some tape and paper. You can put anything you would like inside, including small toys and candy.

Some kids enjoy theme parties, like winter-themed or something like a dance party. It’s easier than it sounds to decorate for that. You don’t need to buy expensive decorations. You can take simple things like cotton or polyester stuffing and use it as decorations. For example, if your birthday is in winter, then you can use stuffing as snow. You can also find cheap streamers, lights, or mini-decorations at any department store or party shop near you.

Now that you have some ideas for your birthday party, there are also ideas online that you can use to inspire your party. You don’t need to go anywhere else for the perfect party, just home sweet home.