Credit: Electronic Arts

The Hasbro Family Fun Pack video game (Electronic Arts) is the perfect game to play with your entire family. There are four games inside of the Family Fun Pack: Scrabble, Monopoly Plus, Trivial Pursuit Live and Risk.

Scrabble is just like the Scrabble board game. It’s very easy to play. Monopoly Plus is great, it takes regular Monopoly to a whole new level. There are a lot of options for personal preferences while playing Monopoly Plus. You can even change the way the board looks. Trivial Pursuit Live is the perfect trivia game to play with your family. There are so many categories and different rounds, your family will never be bored. Risk is a classic game that is portrayed very well in the Family Fun Pack.

Risk is very challenging to play and the instructions were not clear. I really like Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit Live, but I don’t really like Risk. Monopoly Plus is my favorite game out of the four because of how much you can change the game to meet your personal preferences. Overall, the Hasbro Family Fun Pack is a great game and any family would enjoy it.

RATING: 4 smiles